Marking 184th anniversary of Thailand-U.S. diplomatic relations

March 20, 2017 marks the 184th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Thailand and the United States.

The Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the Kingdom of Siam and the United States was concluded in Bangkok on March 20, 1833 by Chao Phraya Phra Klang, on behalf of His Majesty King Rama III of the Kingdom of Siam, and Edmund Roberts, an envoy of President Andrew Jackson of the United States. It was the first treaty between the United States and an Asian nation.

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The first article of the Treaty stated that “There shall be a perpetual peace between the United States of America and the Magnificent King of Siam”.


Sword (Eagle and Elephant): This sword, featuring an eagle and an elephant on a gold handle, was presented to His Majesty King Rama III by American envoy Edmund Roberts in 1833, as a gift from President Andrew Jackson.

Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Siam and the United States, 1833 Exchange Copy TS 321 EX RG 11 Rediscovery #: 08119 Digital Composite from Original

Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Siam and the United States, 1833
Digital Composite from Original, US National Archives

March 20, 1833 Siam and the U.S. signed the Treaty of Amity and Commerce in Bangkok

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