Thailand Disappointed with the European Union’s Decision to Issue a Yellow Card

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Press Release on 21 April 2015

On 21 April 2015, the European Union (EU) issued a yellow card to Thailand. Although the yellow card does not introduce trade sanctions on European imports of Thai fishery products, it has been a source of grave discouragement that the EU chose to ignore the very earnest efforts of the past six months by the Royal Thai Government in addressing all issues which once were deemed the causes of IUU fishing.

Thailand is deeply disappointed at the EU’s decision. The Royal Thai Government is now firmly seizing the issue. It matches words with deeds by structural changes, law amendments and passage of new laws, prosecution, and preventive measures as major instruments. More importantly, the EU’s decision reflects its failure to recognise the longstanding cooperation between Thailand and the EU’s competent authorities.

Thailand calls on the EU to take into account Thailand’s substantial and tangible progress in combating IUU fishing. The EU’s assessment must be transparent, fair, non-discriminatory, and based on accurate facts and latest developments.

Thailand will continue to cooperate with the EU to combat IUU activities and promote sustainable fishing. In light of the progress made and the Thai government’s genuine intention, Thailand urges the EU to remove the yellow card at the earliest opportunity.

The Royal Thai Government takes allegations of IUU fishing very seriously, and has done so for years. Efforts to tackle illegal fishing and improve the sustainable management of marine and aquaculture environment are a top political priority. These efforts will continue and are led by Thai officials at the highest levels of government.


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