Deputy Government Spokesperson informed of key developments on the government’s efforts in solving the problem of irregular sea migrants.

Royal Thai Government: Government News on 19 May 2015, Today Deputy Government Spokesperson Maj.Gen. Sansern Kaewkamnerd informed of key developments on the government’s efforts in solving the problem of irregular sea migrants by stating that the Royal Thai Government has no policy to set up migration centres to take on such groups, but there was a necessity to set up temporary holding areas in order to facilitate the work of the Immigration Bureau while legal procedures are underway, and to provide health care and sanitation services along with useful information for the illegal migrants in parallel with investigations into information regarding human trafficking networks.

The Deputy Government spokesperson remarked that, “ due to the large number of illegal migrants, available space for the Immigration Bureau  was not sufficient and therefore it was necessary  to set up extra holding areas. Furthermore according to Thai law, illegal migrants must be sent back or to a third country, but may not settle in Thailand.”

The Deputy Government Spokesperson further stated that currently, there are a large number of illegal migrants in the temporary holding areas and that the majority of them are in need of help, to which local agencies are now providing with humanitarian assistance in the form of food, drinking water and basic sanitation in accordance with human rights. Nevertheless, the Royal Thai Government must also be responsible for to maintaining peace and national security.

“Thailand has adhered to providing basic care in accordance with human rights to the best of our abilities. If there are any accusations or criticisms on the way in which we have handled the issue, please fairly consider whether you could do better than this if it had happened to you.”


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