Prime Minister urges businesses to seige opportunities of ‘AEC connectivity value chain’

May 23, 2015, at 18.30 hrs, at the Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel Bangkok, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha(Ret.), Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand, presided over the opening ceremony of a conference organized by the Thai Chamber of Commerce and delivered a keynote speech titled “The Prime Minister meets the Chambers of Commerce: Unity in driving Thailand’s economy towards stability, prosperity, and sustainability,” to inform business leaders of the Government’s key policies and measures in moving the country forward.

The conference was held from May 23-24, 2015 to discuss and exchange ideas on collaboration efforts between the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Provincial Chambers of Commerce of Thailand, to strengthen organizations and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises across the country. Participants of the conference included board members of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Thai Chamber of Commerce Committee, President of Trade Association, President of Foreign Chamber of Commerce, President and Secretary General of the Provincial Chamber of Commerce nationwide, along with Young Entrepreneurs Community (YEC) from the Provincial Chamber of Commerce,  and representatives from the media.

During the speech, the Prime Minister discussed global trends that are rapidly changing and their resultant impact on the Thai economy. The Prime Minister stated that Thailand must be ready to cope with these trends by strengthening all areas of Thai industries, including agriculture, services, as well as transportation and logistics, to prepare Thailand for trade liberation and investment with other ASEAN countries members. In addition, the Prime Minister encouraged the public to enhance their understanding on key matters such as the ‘connectivity value chain’ and the unification of the ASEAN Community. Once ASEAN becomes one economic community, it will be operated based on the principle of fairness for all countries, including areas of joint investment and business competition.

The Prime Minister also called for Thai business owners to increase the number of quality products to be sold abroad because Thai products are of popularity in neighboring countries. At the time same, the Prime Minister also called for an increase in production of quality products at low prices for the Thai people, and to distribute these products to stores in community cooperatives. This operation will help reduce disparities in the society and prevent social disputes that may arise from poverty.

Currently, the Royal Thai Government is accelerating the expansion of the national transportation network in order to develop the business sector. In doing so, Thai business owners can expand their production bases of quality products to meet the needs of consumers in the region through strategic links with other countries. In addition, the national transportation network will also support trade and investment in order to reap the maximum benefits.

The Royal Thai Government is also promoting the development of special economic zones to link trade and investment, and to accelerate economic development around borders of Thailand, as well as infrastructure and logistics development of the country. These developments will help facilitate trade and transport services so that they can link production bases around the country, as well as investment across borders with neighboring countries. The Prime Minister also called for collaborative efforts to help strengthen SMEs within the country.

These policies are aimed to promote Thailand’s economic and social development based on stability, prosperity and sustainability, and thereby raise the well-being as well as the quality of life for all citizens. The Prime Minister asked the public to join hands and help in building peacefulness in society, and to lay a foundation for the future by moving the country forward, remarking that “Our collaborative efforts will be part of our history that we will one day be proud of.”

Source: Royal Thai Government