MFA Hosted a Seminar on Responsible and Sustainable Fisheries on 7th July 2015

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release on 7 July 2015,

On 7th July 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand organized “Fishing for the Future: Towards Responsible & Sustainable Fisheries in Thailand” seminar at the Pullman King Power Hotel, Bangkok. This seminar is part of the Royal Thai Government’s efforts and commitment to promote responsible and sustainable fisheries and combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in order to ensure management of fishery resources in a balanced and sustainable manner.

This seminar aimed as well as to create a better understanding and knowledge about responsible and sustainable fisheries raise awareness of its importance across all sectors of the Thai society, which is vital for building norms and sustainability values and ensuring the long-term success of this top priority agenda. The seminar received large attention from all relevant stakeholders, attracting over 140 participants from Thai public agencies, fishing associations, seafood businesses, academic institutions and NGOs.

In her opening remarks, Mrs. Rattikul Chansuriya, Director-General of the Department of European Affairs emphasised the significance of fisheries not only in generating income of the economy, but also in promoting food security and good health among citizens. She also stressed that sound fisheries management requires a balance, meeting global consumers’ demand for seafood and boosting export earnings, on one hand, and promoting the revitalisation, conservation and sustainable management of marine resources, on the other.

Previously, on 6th July 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, in collaboration with the Command Centre for Combating Illegal Fishing (CCCIF) and the Thai Tuna Industry Association, organized a field visit for speakers and moderators of the seminar to observe the Royal Thai Government’s undertakings in solving IUU fishing. The programme of the field visit comprised vessel survey and inspection at a fishing pier and a briefing on the operations of Port In – Port Out (PIPO) Control Center, as well as a visit to a tuna processing factory of Thai Union Frozen Products Public Co., Ltd. to observe the role of private sector in protecting and promoting the rights of migrants workers.


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