Discover Thaines: what do you think about Thainess?

The elaborately decorated Royal Barge Suphannahong, or “The Golden Swan,” and a cotton rose are two significant symbols of Thailand that reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage. They are often featured on the interior of temple walls to depict the cultural values of the society. But the Thai people’s way of life and culture, or what we call ‘Thainess,’ is not just found in murals or other artwork, because they are deeply implanted in the people’s souls. Thailand boasts a strong culture, traditions, beliefs, values and customs that are unique and extraordinary — a harmonious mix of cultures intertwined with the quintessential Thai way of life.

Thailand offers visitors an array of vastly differing experiences. Whether you yearn for discovering the simple and slow Thai way of life, or prefer a vibrant lifestyle, adrenaline-filled adventures, ethnic cultures, traditional performances, or spectacular natural wonders, you can choose the travel style that matches your personality it will lead you to a better understanding of Thainess.

Of course, there are many tourist attractions to visit in Thailand, from the Grand Palace and the ancient temples along the Chao Phraya River to a number of fascinating museums, shopping malls, and outdoor venues, but if you really want to understand Thai culture, you have to do as the locals do and delve a little deeper than the popular hotspots. Visit and explore the true values and meaning of Thainess.


Source:  Tourism Authority of Thailand