Ambassador and spouse host dinner to congratulate new U.S. Ambassador to Thailand and family; pledge to work together to strengthen long-standing friendship and relations between Thailand the U.S.

On September 1st, 2015 Ambassador Pisan Manawapat and spouse hosted a dinner in honor of Ambassador Glyn Townsend Davies on his appointment as the new U.S. Ambassador to Thailand at the Residence of the Thai Ambassador in Washington D.C. Ambassador Davies was joined by his family, close friends and people from business and military who are friends of Thailand.

IMG_6690The atmosphere was very cordial and the discussions were lively, while a full menu of traditional Thai dishes was served for all to relish the taste that has made Thai food famous worldwide. Starting from Fish Cake and Pad Thai, guests went on to taste Lobster Tom Yum, Sticky Rice and Grilled Chicken, Pork and Beef, before finishing with Mango Sticky Rice and other traditional Thai desserts.

Ambassador Davies recalled his fond memory of past visits to Thailand, especially the friendliness and hospitality of the Thai people, the beauty and rich history of Thailand, and creative skills of the Thai people that have produced numerous exquisite art works.

IMG_6691He also emphasized the long-standing friendship and the close bond between Thailand and the U.S. who have stood side by side over the past 182 years.

Ambassador Pisan and Ambassador Davies expressed their commitment to preserve, strengthen and advance this meaningful friendship and the fruitful partnership between Thailand and the U.S. in wide range of areas for the benefit of Thais, Americans and beyond.

Ambassador Pisan wished Ambassador Davies every success in carrying out his important mission ahead.