B.Grimm partners with Conergy on solar power plant

5Thai power producer B.Grimm will partner with Germany’s Conergy to build a solar power plant in northeastern Sa Kaew province capable of providing 12,000-megawatt hours of electricity annually in support of the government’s goal of sourcing 20 percent of the Kingdom’s power from renewables by 2036.

Once completed, the 1.9 million-square-foot solar park will supply clean electricity to over 5,300 homes through its total of 25,800 solar modules. Conergy’s calculations show that the solar power plant will save 7,400 tons of CO2 emissions annually had the electricity been produced using fossil fuels.

“The bold investment in renewable energy from solar sources is a long-term initiative that will continue to pay dividends for decades and help ensure a sustainable energy supply for future generations,” said Conergy’s President for Asia and the Middle East, Alexander Lenz.

Thailand is one of the most fossil-fuel dependent countries in Asia, but the government and private industry are working to change that. The government has set a goal of producing 20 percent of the Kingdom’s energy from renewable sources by 2036. Private investments by Thai and foreign firms have already made Thailand the leader among all Southeast Asian nations in terms of energy produced by solar and wind power.

“With abundant year-round sunshine and also the availability of highly suitable sites for solar power plants, Thailand is leading the way in ASEAN in terms of increasing its capacity to produce energy from renewable sources. By partnering with visionary companies such as B.Grimm Power Limited, Conergy is able to integrate its global expertise and experience into Thailand’s dynamic program to focus on renewable energy and reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels,’’ Lenz said.

Conergy has several joint ventures with Thai power producers for solar plants in various parts of the country, having built plants supplying a total of over 100MWp. The company has already begun the engineering and component supply work on the Sa Kaew plant. The deadline for the mechanical completion of the project is December 2015. The firms will be working with a local partner, the Ensys Group, for the construction.

“The provision of clean, reliable and affordable electricity for Thailand’s national power grids and hundreds of large manufacturing enterprises is a long-term mission for B.Grimm and we are constantly seeking new partnerships with like-minded companies such as Conergy. Together we can help build a sustainable future for the country,” said Mrs. Preeyanart Soontornwata, B.Grimm Power Limited’s President.




Thailand Focus September 14, 2015
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