TAA Career Day: Power of Thais for Thailand

While it is always a great honor for Ambassador Pisan Manawapat to serve and engage with the Thai communities throughout the U.S., it was an even greater privilege for the Ambassador to be given the opportunity to play a constructive role in shaping the future of the Thai American communities through his participation in the “TAA Career Day” organized by the Thai Alliance in America (TAA) at the office of Mr. Sanya Sukduang, a partner at the Finnegan law firm, in Washington, D.C.

3According to the TAA President, Mr. Ian Asvakovith, the event aims to provide Thai-American as well as Thai students with an opportunity to meet with experienced professionals and learn more about career choices, internship opportunities and insightful tips for job interviews, which will be helpful in planning their career paths. Panelists consist of successful Thai-American professionals including Mr. Sanya Sukduang; Ms. Tida Strey, Manager from Earnst & Young; Mr. W. Ray Rutngamlug, Special Counsel from Sheppard Mullin; and Mr. Ian Asvakovith, President and CEO of Piedmont Funds Service. A representative from the U.S. Government agency, Ms. Meghan Conklin, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Department of Energy, was also invited to share her experiences and perspectives in public services.

5During his opening remarks, Ambassador Pisan commended the TAA for initiating a forum for young generation of Thais and Thai Americans who will become invaluable human resources for the Thai communities in the future. The initiative is in line with the Ambassador’s mission to empower Thai communities in the U.S., and promote and protect the interests of Thai communities as well as Thailand’s through active participations in the American political process at all levels. In his remark, Ambassador Pisan strongly encouraged the Thai-American youths to actively engage in political process at both local and national levels in order to advance the interests of their communities.

2To jump start the effort, the Royal Thai Embassy has initiated the Thai American National Internship Program (TANIP) in 2015 to offer Thai-American youths with an opportunity to intern/shadow in various offices at the national level. We hope this experience will help equip our youths with a stronger understanding of how government operates by experiencing it first hand and from an insider’s perspective. The Embassy is now recruiting candidates for the next year’s program, which will start from May 29 to July 23, 2016. (Click here for more details)

tdZHoj8N77RssIoMv5hA2g8g6K7-qmeOIAIZJ_l97Z4The Embassy would like to applaud the success of the TAA Career Day, which drew the interest of almost 70 undergraduate and graduate students from the DC Metro area, Maryland, Virginia, and even from Pennsylvania. We truly believe that these students left the Career Day with enthusiasms for their own future as well as inspirations to make Thai communities stronger. A constructive event like this one will surely not be the last. The Embassy looks forward to rendering full support for the next one as we truly believe in the power of “Thais for Thailand.”