Let’s Have a Healthy Taste on Thanksgiving Day and Festive Holidays to Come

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American Thanksgiving is a time to remember what we are thankful for. If you’re thinking about Thanksgiving menu or other festivities, you may set aside the turkey and go for Thai food instead. There’s a great option for a main course at your Thanksgiving feast.

Some reasons to choose Thai Food recipe for a little Thanksgiving inspiration

red-curry-pumpkin-1Pumpkins are everywhere. Though not as colorful and outwardly pretty, smoothness and creaminess are closest to the tropical “pumpkins”. In Thai cuisine, there are no “rules” about the use of pumpkins. While they mostly turn up in desserts, such as Pumpkin Custard. You will often encounter pumpkin in curries, Chicken and Pumpkin Curry serve up as a main dish with Thai Hom Mali rice (Thai Jasmine Rice) which is widely recognized as the best in the world. (menu from: rachelcooksthai.com)



e_dhjlqvwy3457Perfect combination of exotic, tasty and healthy. Traditional Thai food is known to be quite healthy, making use of natural and fresh ingredients with lots of spices and flavors. While most people think of spicy meals laced with chili as typical of Thai food, this is far from the truth. In all Thai dishes, there always be a balanced harmony of flavors. Few dishes can offer such a wonderful array of sensations that will delight and tease your taste buds quite like Thai food. Whether in a rich or fragrant Thai curry, spicy soup, savory salad, or sweet dessert, the competing and complementing flavors create a harmonious blend that once tasted will never be forgotten. (Photo:thaihealth.or.th)

GL wongnai

Gaeng-Liang, one of the healthiest Thai dishes. The vegetable herbal soup consists of a collection of earthy tasting things like, pumpkin, corn, squash, ivy gourd, mushrooms, and a bunch of other herbs and random veggies. This herbaceous blend is like scooping healthy detoxification medicine into your body. (see more: eatingthaifood.com Photo: www.wongnai.com)



World Favorite Cuisine at Home

IMG_2347Thai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisine in the world. In 2011, four of Thailand’s popular dishes made it to the top list of the “World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods (Readers’ Pick)”- a worldwide online poll of 35,000 people by CNN International.(travel.cnn.com) They were Massaman Curry (1st), Tom Yam Goong (8th), Nam Tok Moo(19th) and Som Tam (46th). Thailand also had more dishes on the list than any other countries with other popular like familiar Pad Thai, Green Curry, Thai Fried Rice or Tom Ka Kai, to name just a few. (Photo: www.thaiselect.com)



Find Thai Restaurants in the U.S.  

Thai restaurants take a pride of place in its natural heritage, practiced as an art and handed down from generation to generation. To enjoy Thai dining, simply look for the “Thai Select” logo from Royal Thai Government. They realize the importance of maintaining high standards of quality, and have responded with this seal of approval.

TS_logo” Thai Select ” certifies that not only the food, but also the hospitality and the atmosphere of the restaurant. Chefs must be carefully trained in the preparation of bona fide Thai meals. Receiving this prestigious award isn’t easy ; the bar is set high and the guidelines are strict. Still, through training and inspections, high standard Thai Restaurants worldwide have achieved this distinction.

So anywhere in your travels, look for the stamp of approval “Thai Select”. It assures you that delicious Thai cuisine is being served in a pleasant atmosphere, and with a famous Thai smile. It’s not just a meal ; it’s a journey into Thai culture. For the list of Thai SELECT Restaurants Outside Thailand, please visit www.thaiselect.com


So Make Thailand Your Next Culinary Destination

Find your experience with million of restaurants in Thailand serving 24 hours everyday and be enchanted with street food or luxury modern authentic food. Many delectable treats are out there. Thailand is also best known for culinary tours, its cultural treasures and natural splendor. Always ranked as one of the most popular destinations amongl Americans, Thailand welcomes 24,364,667 international tourist arrivals from January to October this year and Americas posted the highest growth of 8.36% from 90,863 to 98,458 visits.  United States recorded the highest arrivals at 70,841 up 10.16% from 64,309 followed by Canada and Brazil, according to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ data. So visit Thailand and continue peacefully your culinary discovery out there!


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