Thailand’s new B1,000 banknote wins design award

Then-central bank governor Prasarn Trairatvorakul holds the sample of the new 1,000-baht banknote at the launching of the series in August, 2015. (Photo courtesy by the Bank of Thailand)


Published: 11/12/2015 at 07:09 PM, Online news:



Thailand’s new 1,000-baht banknote awarded “Regional Banknote of the Year 2015” for security features & tactile features for the visually impaired. New Zealand banknotes also get award.


Thailand’s new B1,000 banknote shares regional award

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Thailand’s new 1,000-baht banknote has been jointly awarded “Regional Banknote of the Year 2015” along with a new series of New Zealand banknotes at an international conference held by the high security printing industry.

Woraporn Tangsaghasaksri, an assistant to the Bank of Thailand (BOT) governor, said the 1,000-baht banknote issued as part of the country’s Series 16 notes won the award at the High Security Printing Asia 2015 conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Tuesday.


The banknotes, put into circulation in September 2015, have the latest security features to facilitate authentication by machine as well as the general public. They also have tactile features for the visually impaired.

The principal design theme of the new series celebrates Thai kings from different periods.


New Zealand shared the same award for its “Brighter Money” series of new polymer banknotes, the first redesign of the country’s currency notes since 1999.

The first two denominations, of $5 and $10 New Zealand currency, have already gone into circulation, and will be followed by new $20, $50 and $100 notes next year.

The themes — respected New Zealanders, the Queen and flora and fauna — remain central to the designs, but these are brighter and bolder than their predecessors. All five denominations carry the same security features, according to the conference organiser Reconnaissance International.


The organiser said the award recognised outstanding achievement in the design, technical sophistication and security of a banknote or banknote series.

The key judging criteria were that successful banknotes should combine visual artistry and high levels of technical and security sophistication, withconsiderable emphasis placed on reflecting the cultural heritage of the issuing country in the note, and the relevance of the overall design and symbolism to the issuing country, Reconnaissance International said.

The company is billed as a leading global supplier of technical and business intelligence for secure documents, personal identification, authentication and anti-counterfeiting, tax stamps and currency.