TANIP Announcement: Final Candidates for the Thai-American National Internship Program

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No. 4 /2559

Selection of Candidates for the 2016 Thai-American National Internship Program (TANIP)


With reference to the Embassy’s announcement seeking qualified candidates for the 2016 Thai-American National Internship Program (TANIP). The Royal Thai Embassy, in partnership with the U.S.-Asia Institute, is delighted to announce the final candidates for the above mentioned program.

A selection committee comprised of qualified representatives from the Royal Thai Embassy and the U.S.-Asia Institute has selected 6 candidates to join the 2016 Thai-American National Internship Program from 29 May to 23 July 2016  and has awarded all 6 candidates a scholarship based on their outstanding achievements as well as their commitment to their local Thai community.

Names of the finalists along with their state of residence are listed below by alphabetical order.

  1. Lennox Chaiveera, California
  2. Sophiaya Hyder, California
  3. Mali Kaminaga, Florida
  4. Alit Ponkaew, Illinois
  5. Apisra Srivanich-Raper, Idaho
  6. Charles Tantakool, Pennsylvania


Finalists will be contacted by the U.S.-Asia Institute with instructions about the next steps in the process.


22 January 2016

(Pisan Manawapat)