Perspectives on the new draft constitution of Thailand

Development on the Roadmap

Overall progress

  • Thailand is currently in phase 2 of the  3-phase Roadmap (Reconciliation – Reform – Elections). The focus now is to undertake comprehensive reform and lay a solid foundation to achieve people-centered and sustainable development, while a new constitution is being drafted. The government has set up a reform agenda focusing on 11 areas, namely: politics; public administration; law and the judicial process; local administration; education; economy; energy; public health and the environment; media and communication; social issues; and others.


  • This Roadmap, together with Thailand’s 20-year strategy, aims to bring about peace, eradicate corruption and social inequality so that Thailand will develop into a stable, prosperous and sustainable country within the next two decades.


Constitution drafting process

  • The Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC) has revealed the first draft on 29 January 2016. The draft has been disseminated nationwide to seek comments and recommendations from the public. Government agencies, political parties and civil societies can submit their views on the draft to CDC by 15 February 2016. A number of seminars have also been held nationwide to gather opinion about the draft charter. This process will provide ample  opportunity for the people to reflect on the content of the draft and ensure that it is accepted by all.


  • All comments and recommendations will be take into account and the CDC will deliberate and revise the draft based on the recommendations so received. The final draft will be completed by April 2016 before being forwarded to the Election Commission for a national referendum, which is expected to be held in later part of July 2016.


  • According to this timeframe, general elections are then expected to take place in 2017 for a democratically-elected  government to assume office.


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