Billboard and Hollywood Reporter launch Thai editions

5_mags1Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, two of the most prominent American publications covering the music and film industries, announced last week they will launch print editions, digital content and social media channels in Thailand.

The two brands will publish in partnership with Fierce Publishing, a local media firm with Thai and Singaporean ownership. They intend to tap into the Kingdom’s vibrant entertainment industries that have proven to be a force throughout the Southeast Asian region.

“With coverage of entertainment and music markets around the world, and audiences in dozens of countries, The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard are truly global presences,” said John Amato, co-president of The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard.

“Partnering with Fierce Publishing, we’ll be pushing into one of the hottest and most exciting markets for entertainment and music with a partner that has demonstrated a strong ability to execute in the market,” Amato added.

Billboard andThe Hollywood Reporter are leaders in their fields. The Hollywood Reporter was founded in 1930, and in growing with the times has launched a website that was getting 12 million unique visitors a month in 2013.  In 2007, the magazine surpassed its long-time rival Variety as the best selling publication covering the American film industry. The magazine’s website has consistently published news and analysis on the Thai film industry in recent years.

Thailand has often been used as a location by Hollywood filmmakers over the past several decades, with several Oscar-winning or nominated films shot in the Kingdom. In addition, the Kingdom’s own filmmakers have been gaining notoriety in international markets, winning awards at the Cannes film festival and other festivals across the world.

bbb2Billboard sells 17,000 magazines a week and its website averaged 15.2 million unique visitors each month in 2015. The publication was founded in 1894 and is known for its music charts, such as the Billboard Hot 100, that track the most popular songs in a variety of genres.

“Thailand is one of the most influential entertainment markets in Southeast Asia,”said Jonathan Serbin, head of Asia for the two publications. The partnership would give both properties the “inside track on the latest projects, talent and deal-making coming out of the continent. Entering this market will strongly influence the entertainment and music media landscape through two powerful brands.”

“Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter are truly unique and exciting entries to Thailand’s media market,” said Fierce managing director Tarinee Kanchanawong. “Their coverage, analysis and access will help keep audiences connected and engaged with the latest in entertainment and music.”