Thai-American Students warmly welcomed by the Thai Ambassador



Thai-American second generation, Lennox Chaiveera from California; Alit Ponkaew from Illinois; Apisra Ann Srivanich-Raper from Idaho; Charles Tantakool from Pennsylvania; Sophiaya Chacon Hyder from California, were warmly welcomed by Ambassador Pisan Manawapat at his Residence on their first day of Thai American National Internship Program (TANIP).

The Thai American National Internship Program (TANIP) is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Thai American students to gain a firsthand look at the American government and political system in Washington DC, and to reflect on the role they, as future leaders, might play in strengthening the Thai-U.S. relationship.

During the six-week program, these five students will have opportunities to intern in Congressional offices and business organizations based on their interests and backgrounds. The experience gained from the internship will help to develop their deeper understanding of how government operates by experiencing it from insiders’ perspective. These young future leaders will be prepared to participate in the political/legislative/policy arenas and to developing skills of individuals who are interested in public service. Not only is this an invaluable professional experience, but it also benefits the Thai community by increasing the interest of Thais in American politics in the future.