5th Graders from Cleveland Elementary School Honored as “Junior Friend of Thailand” under Embassy Adoption Program

Group Picture in from of Embassy


DSC_0115On June 13, 2016, 21 fifth graders from Cleveland Elementary School, Washington, D.C., class of Ms. Aisha J. Randall, came to the Royal Thai Embassy dressed in red, white and blue, the colors of Thailand’s national flag. They came to demonstrate what they have learnt about Thailand and its culture throughout the year.





Giving certificateThe students are in the class adopted by the Embassy this academic year under the Embassy Adoption Program (EAP), a partnership program of District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) and Washington Performing Arts.





They greeted the audience in perfect Thai and told the stories about Thailand’s national flag and anthem, Buddhism, which they learnt from their visit to Wat Thai Washington, D.C., and the long-standing Thai-U.S. relations.


DSC_0208The students finished their program with a singing and dancing performance of “America the Beautiful” and marvelous reading of poetry. Among the audience were Cleveland Elementary School’s Principal, Dawn Feltman, Ms. Kayla Gatalica from DCPS’ Embassy Adoption Program Office of Teaching and Learning, and the Embassy’s staff, who admired their talent and efforts.



DSC_0218This is the 4th activity under the Embassy Adoption Program with the school, which started in November 2015 when an Embassy representative visited the class, followed by two field trips to the Embassy in January and to Wat Thai Washington, D.C. in April this year.




The Embassy Adoption Program (EAP) is a partnership of District of Columbia Public Schools, Washington Performing Arts and participating embassies in Washington, D.C. It has played a significant role in exposing American students to global education and knowledge about other countries for over 40 years. The Royal Thai Embassy has been an EAP partner since 1983 to promote people to people relations between Thailand and the United States and to inform young Americans of Thailand’s goodwill, hospitality and culture.

Kay Kramer