Thailand Launches Its Thailand Trust Mark Emblem In The U.S.


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October 4, 2016


The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government has formally introduced its Thailand Trust Mark (“TTM”) emblem in the U.S. market. The emblem, or mark, is a symbol of excellence and trusted quality that was established to add distinctive value to Thai products and services that are made in Thailand.

No matter how one defines quality, it is always reassuring to have a benchmark that can gauge the essence of excellence,” said Napadol Thongmee, Consul and Executive Director, for Thai Trade Center – New York. “To facilitate this process, TTM was created to help consumers find a reliable means to measure merit. The mark also brings attention to Thailand’s unique variety of products and offerings, and the emblem serves as a symbol of quality assurance designed to both provide consumers with confidence and showcase the quality standards of Thai manufacturers and producers.

Leading to the official unveil of the TTM, DITP engaged Curate Directive to launch its first U.S. based social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as collaborate with influencers within the culinary, beauty, and health and wellness spaces to help communicate the message of Thailand’s quality. The campaign is designed to promote the TTM as a means to both build brand awareness among consumers, as well as to enhance the confidence of international partners considering doing business with Thai manufacturers that have received the TTM.

The campaign encourages consumers to look for the Thailand Trust Mark symbol. The TTM symbol will highlight various items across the Thai food, jewelry, fashion, home-textiles and home décor categories, which are recognized for their quality and unique design.

This announcement underscores the strong growth in Thai exports – according to the Wall Street Journal, in 2014 Thai exports rose 3.97% year-over-year to $20.16 billion, beating market expectation, while shipments to the U.S. were at a record high, and grew by 6.40% from the prior year.

As of August 2016, more than 600 companies have become TTM bearers out of nearly 1,000 applicants. Applicants that do not meet TTM requirements are given support from the DITP to improve themselves for re-application.

Companies with TTM certification have benefits such as being able to promote their products and services in relevant trade shows free of charge. Additionally, they can also take part in trade delegation visits with the DITP over a one-year duration after receiving the mark.

The TTM is endorsed by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government

For more information about TTM certification visit the following resources:
Commerce, Royal Thai Government (DITP)
The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) was established under the Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government, to assist Thai manufacturers and exporters in building their competitiveness and fulfilling their potential. DITP aims to provide fast, reliable and efficient services to address the challenges and opportunities within the new world economy. Overseas Thai Trade Centers (TTC), under the supervision of the DITP, are located in major cities around the world to implement policies and activities, with special focus on fostering trade relations between Thai exporters and potential importers.

The THAILAND TRUST MARK (“TTM”) is a symbol that endorses selected high-quality products from Thailand. The Thailand Trust Mark seeks to open up greater marketing opportunities for Thai manufacturers and build trust among consumers. Companies with products that bear the TTM symbol must meet the highest international product standards, CSR as well as labored Green Industry Standards while consumers that choose TTM ‘Made in Thailand’ products are assured of great value and quality. Businesses approved to use the TTM symbol will also benefit from the worldwide network of importers and exporters affiliated with the TTM.

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