U.S. software firm Infor expands education program to Thailand

Image from www.infor.comNew York-based enterprise software company Infor said last week it will expand its Infor Education Alliance Program to Thailand to provide training and opportunities to promising Thai students in how to use and develop Infor software, which is employed by 90,000 organizations worldwide.

The first 100 students will be admitted to the program next year. In total, the Infor Education Alliance Program has taught and trained more than 1,500 students in Southeast Asia so far. In Thailand, the U.S. headquartered company will enter into a partnership with Dhurakij Pundit University in Bangkok and Triforce Global Solutions, headquartered in Singapore, which also specializes in developing enterprise business software.

The program fits neatly into Thailand’s plan to create a digital economy and society, commonly referred to as Thailand 4.0. In addition to raising the digital literacy of the population as a whole, another essential aspect is to create a corps of skilled experts with advanced knowledge and training in digital solutions. The Infor program matches that need, and could be one building block in that structure.

“Infor has been a long-time supporter of the development of Thailand’s technology sector. We are proud of Infor’s collaboration with DPU and not only look forward to launching the program, but also providing our technology and know-how to help Thailand’s students and industries. We look forward to the expansion of the Infor EAP initiative across the ASEAN region,” said Helen Masters, Vice President and Managing Director of Triforce Global Solutions.

Using Infor-owned SunSystems software, the students will study its financial application as well as analytics and reporting using the applications. The Thai students will be the first to be trained on Infor SunSystems Financials using a cloud deployment in the region. This will provide Infor with a test bed, or sandbox, to prepare for more than 200 clients already using SunSystems who might want to migrate to the cloud.

“Our partnership with Infor will help our students prepare for future employment. Likewise, businesses in Thailand will also benefit from Infor’s initiatives in fostering a skilled workforce ready to face challenges in the 21st century, as Infor SunSystems is already widely used in more than 200 organizations across Thailand,” said Pattanant Petchchedchoo, Dean, College of Innovative Business and Accountancy (CIBA), Dhurakij Pundit University.

Infor said that its program selects the best students to work at Infor as interns. “This allows the company to select the best of the best for its development teams in the future. Students also benefit from access to the skills marketplace. This helps students find roles in partners and companies looking for employees with Infor skills,” the company said.

Image source: www.infor.com