Ambassador Pisan meets Congressman Tom Marino of Pennsylvania; agree to work closely to deepen Thai-U.S. alliance and comprehensive partnership for mutual interests and Asia-Pacific


On 11 January 2017, Ambassador Pisan Manawapat met with Congressman Tom Marino (Republican – Pennsylvania). Both sides discussed the long-standing alliance between Thailand and the United States, and multi-faceted partnership in various areas, such as security, public health, trade and economic development.

Ambassador Pisan emphasized the close cooperation and mutual sacrifices between Thailand and the United States throughout many decades, and that the Thailand-United States alliance has played an important part in promoting security and stability of the Asia-Pacific region. He conveyed the readiness of Thailand, an all-weather friend of the United States, to work closely with the incoming Trump Administration and the Congress to advance mutually beneficial cooperation as partners for security and growth.

Congressman Marino informed Ambassador Pisan that he appreciated the fact that Thailand and the United States have stood side by side as close allies and this friendship means a lot for the United States. He agreed with Ambassador Pisan that there are many potentials for further cooperation on a wide range of issues between the two countries, and expressed his readiness to support strengthening of this mutually beneficial alliance and partnership.