Trafficking victims, court witnesses ‘able to work’

The Nation on 6 February 2017,

By Wattana Kamchu


Photo Courtesy of Thairath

VIictims of human trafficking and witnesses in their court cases can seek temporary permits to stay and work in Thailand under newly introduced ministerial regulations.

“When their permits expire, they can request renewals,” Interior Ministry permanent secretary Grisada Boonrach said yesterday.

His ministry issued two regulations late last month to extend better humanitarian help and protection to victims of human trafficking and witnesses in court cases.

“In essence, victims and witnesses, including their dependants, can stay and work in Thailand for two years after their court cases end. They can also seek renewals after that,” Grisada said.

Authorities would renew permits if they demonstrate good behaviour, Grisada said adding that “each renewal will be valid for one year”.