Thailand moves ahead to strengthen legal framework to combat human trafficking

TIP labor


Thailand has taken another significant step to further strengthen the anti-human trafficking legal framework in order to better protect the victims.

The latest amendment of the Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking Act, which became effective on January 28, 2017, increases the Act’s clarity and operational efficiency.

It revises the definitions of “exploitation” to include practices similar to slavery and “forced labor or services” to include seizure of identification documents and debt bondage.

It also increases protection for children under the age of 15 by providing that forcing or procuring these children to carry out extremely dangerous work or service that has an effect on their body or mind, growth, or personal development; or to work in a dangerous environment; or to carry out immoral acts; are offences under the Act.

Thailand will continue to improve our anti-trafficking legislation in line with international standards and to provide training to law enforcement officers for effective implementation of the laws.


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Royal Thai Embassy

February 2017