IBAA receives full support from the Royal Thai Embassy



On February 27, 2017, the recently founded International Buddhist Association of America (IBAA) led by Ven. Pra Ajahn Thanat and Ven. Bhante Uparatana, its Chairman and Vice-chairman paid a visit to the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington to brief the Thai ambassador and his colleagues on IBAA’s role and activities. Also at the meeting were Ven. Sagarananda Tien and IBAA’s board of directors, namely, Dr. Sovan Tun, Mr. Khiet Dang, Dr. Joonbum Byun, Mr. Charles Seong and Mr. Prasarn  Manakul, its General Secretary.

Mr. Prasarn  informed the meeting that the 2nd International Tripitaka Chanting Ceremony will be held at Wat Thai Washington, DC in Silver Spring, MD from June 8-10  and  the international celebration of Vesak Day will be observed at Drikung Dhamma Suriya Center in Fairfax, VA on June 3rd.   Mr. Prasarn also touched on a project to support training of Indian born Buddhist monks.

Ambassador Pisan extended his warmest congratulations to Ven. Pra Ajahn Thanat and other IBAA founding members for the proper establishment of IBAA under US law. He and his colleagues exchanged views with IBAA on how to expand IBAA ‘s network with an aim to reach out local communities and especially elected officials from local to state and federal level.  Through the promotion and emphasis on mindfulness practice, the public across the United States will soon realize the benefit of Buddhism. Through the support of elected officials and Asian American communities across the United States, it is just a matter of time for the US president to officially mark the Vesak celebration in the White House.


IBAA Feb 27 2017