Please join us at the National Cathedral’s Flower Mart this week during May 5 – 6

Each year the Flower Mart at the National Cathedral attracts a very big crowd and many diplomatic missions have participated in its international flower display inside the Cathedral.  From May 5  -6, the All Hallows Guild will celebrate its new century of long services to the community and the Royal Thai Embassy is so proud to be part of the celebration.

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Inspired by intricate fresh garlands Malai which are used during ceremonies and are offered with respect and importance, Wanchana Manawapat, Spouse of the Thai Ambassador, designs the Thai display under 101 concept wishing the All Hallows Guild a good start into the new century.

6 FMApart from the floral display and fun activities for families with kids and visitors, at the Thai display, there will be on May 6 at 10 am and at 2 pm, the fruit and vegetable carving demonstration by talented Prateep Chaiseema.  Don’t miss the event, please come and join us at the National Cathedral. This flower mart lasts from May 5 -6 and from 10 am-6 pm.

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At the opening ceremony on Friday morning, among VIP guests present at the inauguration were DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and Ambassadors and their spouses from Thailand, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore and Switzerland and the Washington National Cathedral and All Hallows Guild’s executives, Linda Baxter, Lydia Chopivsky Benson, Rev. Canon Jan Naylor Cope, Rev. Dr. Rosemarie L. Duncan and the co-chairs of the Flower Mart Christina Grigorian and Sara Schaberg as well as many volunteers behind the scene. We thank for their year-long commitment to this successful Flower Mart 2017 and congratulate them for entering into the new century of All Hallows Guild.

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Visit All Hallows Guild’s website for more details:
Facebook: NationalCathedralFlowerMart

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