Thai-Licious Journey : Phuket

Introducing the fourth episode of our new web series: Thai-Licious Journey! The four-episode series will feature authentic off-the-beaten path Thai food experiences so you can learn how to eat like a local, hosted by celebrity Chef Andy Ricker and Thailand travel expert Daniel B. Fraser.

This episode features the hidden culinary gems of Phuket in southern Thailand. From dim sum breakfast at a local Chinese joint, to fried stuffed mackerel and prawn fish cakes, to the best street food to sample at the Sunday night walking street, this is the video to watch to learn about all the local insider spots for the best Thai food in Phuket.


‘Thai-licious Journey’ is a travel web series about authentic Thai food, lead by Daniel Fraser, a Canadian travel enthusiast and Thailand Cultural Ambassador and Celebrity Chef Andy Ricker.

Andy and Daniel will explore Thailand through local food and authentic off-the-beaten-path experiences. The show features hidden gems in each region from Central, North, Issan, and South to give you tips on how to travel and eat like a local in Thailand!

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