Daffodil symbol of great admiration from the Thai people to the late King Bhumibol, the Strength of the Land

Today (July 21)  Wanchana Manawapat, spouse of the Thai Ambassador  and Ministers Pattrawan Vechasart and Vanida Khumnirdpetch along with Minister Counselor Siranee Saenrach and  GP. Capt. Nattapol  and Mrs. Noppawan Niyomthai and other Embassy staff launched the making of cremation flower to honor HM the late King Bhumibol.

Thai Community’s volunteers in the DC area will also come to join hands in the making of cremation flowers, daffodils, on August 4 and 9 next. The daffodil, symbol of great admiration from the Thai people to the late King who is also known as the Strength of the Land after His name.

To honor HM the late King, the 6 parts of outer petals of the daffodil represent 6 porous water boxes of Chaipattana Aerator, a water turbine the late King invented in 1989 to treat polluted water.  The pistils and filaments are made of local grass representing vetiver grass of which the technology and potential value were the late King’s instrumental advocacy on soil and water conservation since 1991.  The sprays of salt power or sodium chloride on the anther are equivalent to clouds seeded by the Royal Rainmaking the project the late King initiated back in the late 1960s to fight against the grip of drought.   6 filaments and 1 pistil in a single daffodil mean the seven decades the late King worked untiringly for the benefits of His people.

Daffodil is virtually His Majesty late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s favorit flower and was often offered to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit during their stay in France and Switzerland as a symbol of chivalry, self esteem, hope and unrequited love.