From the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to Sustainable Development Goals October 27, 2017

Good evening dear Thai citizens.

There are lyrics to a song composed by King Rama IX, which goes,
“…But the rain pours down in blessing,
Filled with cheer our hearts expand.
As the woods with notes of pleasure ring,
Sunlight streams o’er the land…”

“Rain” is the symbol of lusciousness, bliss, and therefore hope in agricultural countries like Thailand. Rain can sometimes be an obstacle to our daily lives, but never a hindrance that prevents us from demonstrating our devotion for the “Royal Father of the Thai People”.

As the rain in the sky is a natural phenomenon, the teachings of His Majesty the late King will inherently be part of our nation’s heritage, as the Thai people espouse them with true understanding. Therefore, the rain is likened to the benevolence of our “Royal Father” that is the heart of the Thai nation.

In this week’s program, I would like to present you part of a song composed by His Majesty the late King called “Sai Fon” or “Falling Rain” as inspiration for the Thai people. Whoever espouses the teachings of our Royal Father will have the strength and inspiration to carry on with their duties and overcome any obstacles. Importantly, having ‘self-control” will allow us to contribute to society for the sake of common good.

On this important occasion, I would like to thank and praise the Thai people for their contributions and hard work for our ‘Royal Father’ throughout the past year. I offer my thanks to all the volunteers, such as motorcycle taxis who offered free rides, cooks, cleaners, and those who took care of senior citizens and the disabled during the mourning period.

I also thank the registered volunteers who were assigned to 8 different tasks under His Majesty King Rama X’s programme, volunteer civil servants, craftsmen, artisans, and other agencies who were involved in preparations, construction, public safety, road traffic and transportation, and the organising of exhibitions that paid tribute to our Monarchy and the many Royal Activities. I thank all the media outlets for their cooperation and for distributing useful information to the public.

I thank the private sector and retail stores for initiating many beneficial activities for our Royal Father and for society, such as the decorating of arches and tunnels at Pak Khlong Talad. Moreover, many artists and musicians from all over the world have composed songs to honour our beloved late Monarch, paying tribute to His Majesty the late King as an unquenchable light that stays in the hearts of Thais and foreigners living in Thailand. Thai people residing overseas have also taken part in various tribute ceremonies and activities at Thai embassies around the world.

My fellow citizens, the Royal Cremation Ceremony of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Thursday, 26 October 2017, was a majestic and magnificent event, illustrating the highest honour and tribute paid to His Majesty the late King, in accordance with our ancient Royal traditions.

It portrayed the refinement and importance of Thai traditions, which were complemented by the craftsmanship and expertise of all the arts such as paintings, drawings, carvings, architecture, and landscape architecture. Most important was the expression of devotion of the Thai people to our Royal Father, which was portrayed to the world.

I believe that October 26th was a day that the Thai people shared the same feelings, which included great sadness and grievance in paying our last respects to our revered late King, as well as great honour for having the opportunity to express our devotion in this final ceremony.

I am confident that this feeling of gratitude and devotion can be felt among all Thais who have lived under King Rama IX’s benevolence, and appreciated by many around the world who have paid tribute to His Majesty’s virtuosity and contributions to humanity. This is also, therefore, a great loss to world and many foreigners have joined the Thai people in remembrance and in paying tribute to His Majesty as the ‘Great King’ who will be forever remembered in history.

My fellow Thai citizens, even though now is a time of sorrow as we mourn for King Rama IX, from this day forth I hope that we can stand strong and remain composed, and come together in deep reverence and gratitude for His Majesty the late King’s boundless kindness for the Thai people.

Instead of feeling despair, please turn these strong feelings into a power of faith and perseverance, to help build our Pracharat in the development and safeguarding of a prosperous country, worthy of being called a Suvarnabhumi or “golden kingdom” that His Majesty the late King had envisioned and devoted His 70-year reign, for the happiness and well-being of the Thai people.

Thailand may not be a rich or powerful country, but we are fortunate to have a King who dedicated Himself to His people tirelessly and unconditionally. Although King Rama IX may not be with us as the “strength of our land” as before, the Thai people are blessed to have His Majesty King Rama X as the soul and inspiration of our nation, and carry on the initiatives and aspirations of His Royal Father.

The Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and the King’s Philosophy will always remain with us as guidance towards sustainable development, the same way religious teachings serve to guide followers for happiness and spiritual enlightenment throughout all eras.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who reigned with the Ten Principles of a Virtuous King, and has been in the hearts of all Thais from the day He ascended to the throne until His very last day, will continue to remain with the Thai people.
Finally, I would like everyone to remember this period in history as a time when all Thai hearts became one in mourning and in paying tribute to His Majesty King Rama IX. Remember the love, unity, and generosity we expressed towards each other and usher these feelings towards performing virtuous deeds for the benefit of society and our nation, particularly through constructive thoughts, sayings and actions for our Royal Father.

All of us, regardless of occupation or capabilities, are able to continue with the work that His Majesty the late King had started. In doing so, we should always remember that “by His own hands”, His Majesty King Rama IX was able to bring forth many initiatives and projects that benefitted our lives.

Therefore, all of us must continue to complete His Majesty King Rama IX’s ‘unfinished work’, so that He may grace upon a prosperous and blessed Thailand from the heavens above and see a nation of love, unity and prosperity, and forever rest in peace.

Thank you and Sawasdee krub.