Pra Khanong massage parlour raided for sex trafficking

The Nation on 12 January 2018,

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) joined with the Army and police to raid a massage parlour in Bangkok’s Rama 9 area on Friday over allegations of human trafficking and prostitution of girls under 18.

DSI deputy chief Pol Colonel Songsak Raksaksakul led DSI officers, soldiers and administrative officials in a raid of “Victoria’s: The Secret Forever” massage parlour – with an arrest warrant for a man identified as “Kob”.

The operation was also backed by a warrant to search the premises for Kob, who reportedly worked there as an “enticer”, and to gather related incriminated evidence.

It remained unclear whether the suspect was taken into custody in the raid.

The case stemmed from a previous complaint by Alliance Anti Traffic (AAT), which had rescued a Myanmar girl under 18 who had been lured into prostitution at the age of 12.

DSI had taken up the case investigation last year as the case reportedly linked criminals in Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia who preyed on girls under 18. It was alleged the gang had recruited virgin underage girls from outside Thailand to provide sex services. The girls were then sent to perform sex work at the Bangkok massage parlour – a form of human trafficking.

The ongoing case investigation had identified seven suspects now covered by court-ordered arrest warrants, including Kob.