Hearst Elementary School students made presentation about Thailand at Royal Thai Embassy

On May 22, 2018, Minister Counselor Kitinai Nutakul welcomed 5th graders from Hearst Elementary School to the Royal Thai Embassy, where they gave presentation about Thailand and Thai culture under the Embassy Adoption Program.

Representatives from District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) and Washington Performing Arts joined the presentation as the Embassy’s partners under the program. The Embassy also invited Ms. Chotika Kerdsommas and Ms. Sasitra Thammarat, volunteer teachers at Wat Thai Washington, D.C. Sunday School, who taught the students traditional Thai dances, to see the students perform.

The Royal Thai Embassy has partnered with DCPS and Washington Performing Arts under the Embassy Adoption Program for many years. Every year, the Embassy introduces an adopted class to Thai culture and way of life. These junior friends of Thailand help strengthen the Thai – U.S. relations whose foundation is based on close people-to-people ties.



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