Thai Ambassador welcomes young Thai-American students from 2018 TANIP Program

Ambassador Virachai Plasai warmly welcomed participants of the 2018 Thai-American Internship Program (TANIP) on June 15, 2018.

The three participants in this year’s program are promising, second-generation Thai-Americans: ​Ginger Slentz​ from California​, Rachel Forrest​ from Oregon​, and Tasha Boyer​ from Alaska. During their six-week internship on the Capitol Hill, the participants will have a first-hand experience in national politics of the United States and the legislative process of the U.S. Congress. Their experiences in Washington, DC would enable them to help contribute to their communities in the future.

Started in 2015, the TANIP program is a partnership between the Royal Thai Embassy and the U.S.-Asia Institute that aims at giving young, talented Thai-Americans from across the United States an opportunity to learn about the political process at the national level and its connections to their communities.