U.S. safety science firm UL will open its first Thai laboratory

Underwriters Laboratories, the U.S.-based global safety science firm, said last week it will open its first laboratory in Thailand to test appliances and heating, ventilation and air conditioning units for clients around the region.

The establishment of an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) testing facility in Thailand will be a boon to the competitiveness of products made in Thailand and the region. Regulators in foreign markets are more likely to accept the import of products with UL approval, and consumers can have greater confidence in those products.

“The new facility will open doors for more of our customers to enter global markets, and this is especially crucial for businesses in this region, who will continue to see rapid growth and internationalization in the coming years,’’ said Sadeev Jesudas, president of the Illinois-based firm.

“With Southeast Asia being a driver of global development today, it fits UL’s growth plans to set up an AHVAC (appliance, heating, ventilation and air conditioning) laboratory in Thailand,” he added.

The decision by UL underscores Thailand’s competitive advantages as a driving force in the region’s economy with its well-developed infrastructure and resource of skilled and educated workers. As the Thai economy continues to accelerate, the Kingdom’s attractiveness as an investment destination is steadily enhanced.

“With the country’s commitment to sustaining long-term economic expansion, we foresee demand for global consumer testing services rising steadily. UL is poised to support this growth and will ensure that our new lab serves as a center of excellence in serving Thailand and the wider region,” said Keith Williams, the company’s chief executive officer who is also chairman of the US-ASEAN Business Council.

UL will build its new facility in Samut Prakarn, a province adjacent to the capital city Bangkok. The laboratory will contain cutting-edge testing equipment and will serve as UL’s regional hub for testing AHVAC equipment across industries.

The company said that its new lab will also provide a “comprehensive suite of safety, energy-efficiency and performance testing services to ensure that products and services meet global regulatory compliance and inspection standards. “

UL has been operating in Thailand since 2006 and the new facility represents and expansion of its presence. Since opening its office in Thailand, the firm said it has doubled its staff in the Kingdom.