U.S. – ASEAN Business Council (USABC) paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister

June 28, 2018, at 1330hrs, at Bhakdi Bodin Building, Government HoU.S.e, a group of businessmen from U.S. – ASEAN Business Council (USABC) paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha and members of the cabinet on occasion of their visit to Thailand.

Members of the cabinet who participated in the meeting were Foreign Minister, Finance Minister, Transport Minister, Digital Economy and Society Minister, Energy Minister, Industry Minister, Minister Attached to the Prime Minister’s Office (Kobsak Pootrakul).

The Prime Minister expressed pleasure to meet with USABC businessmen, and thanked them for regularly convening U.S. private sector to visit Thailand which demonstrates its confidence and trust toward the country. Thailand and the U.S. have continuously strengthened economic cooperation and dynamism which has made the latter being one of Thailand’s top trade partners throughout these years.

The Thai Government is aware of concerns of the U.S. investors, and has moved to address those issues, e.g., human resource development to accommodate digital economy and society, opening of opportunities for both Thai and foreign investors to make investment in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)’s infrastructure development projects, etc. The Thai Government has placed importance on restoration of domestic economy, especially restructures and reforms to stimulate economic growth, uplift people’s quality of life, and promote value-based economy as new engine of growth in accordance with Thailand 4.0 policy. Focus has been made on the 10 S-Curve industries which the U.S. has expertise, especially those related to agriculture, next-generation automotive, aviation, digital, and medical.

The Thai Government also strives to boost investors’ confidence through promoting business and investment-friendly atmosphere, particularly in the EEC of which the industrial foundation is strong. EEC can become logistics center and gateway to connect with transport networks throughout the country and the region (CLMV, ASEAN, and the Asian region). The Prime Minister took the opportunity to extend an invitation for U.S. businessmen to consider investing in the S-Curve industries and in EEC.
USABC appreciated that the Prime Minister clarify Thailand’s vision and economic policies, and affirmed endorsement of the country’s economic reform. The U.S. businessmen are confident and strive to reinforce economic and business relations with Thailand, and have given suggestions and views on how to increase economic cooperation through digital infrastructure development, and improvement of regulatory environment for business and investment to attract inward foreign investment.
USABC also stands ready to promote partnership in mobilizing Thailand 4.0 policy, and digital economy strategy, as well as reform of laws and regulations for ease of doing business, and the development of innovation and technology in Thailand.

At the end of the meeting, the Prime Minister expressed hope that USABC understand the Thai Government’s commitment to implement national reform in all aspects. He affirms that the country has still a lot of potentials to cooperate with the U.S., and that the U.S. businessmen are “Friends of Thailand”. He also wished for USABC’s successful visit to Thailand in order for the two countries to further reinforce trade and investment cooperation in a tangible manner.

The group of U.S. businessmen visiting Thailand this time comprises representatives from 39 U.S. firms in the fields of energy and infrastructure, ICT and communication, health and life sciences, food and agriculture, production/taxes, and financial management.


Royal Thai Government
Link: http://www.thaigov.go.th/news/contents/details/13441