Google: Thailand adopting the cloud at remarkable pace

The regional head of global technology firm Google praised Thailand’s rapid adoption of cloud computing as local tech company True opened its Cyber Tech District in Bangkok last week that will be home to a Google Academy and as many as 20,000 startups.

“Thailand is one of the growth countries with a remarkable pace of cloud computing adoption, in particular enterprises such as banks and financial services that are running experiments for their new services,” said Tim Synan, the regional head of a Google Cloud, adding that the company is expanding its local cloud computing staff.

Synan was speaking at Google’s first Cloud Summit held in Bangkok last week, an event the company said brought together more than 2,000 executives, customers, partners, developers, IT decision makers, and Google engineers to share and introduce new ideas and build the future of the cloud.

The Cloud Summit didn’t rise as high in local significance, however, as the launching of the Cyber Tech District, a joint effort by True Corporation and the National Innovation Agency (NIA). Located in the Punnawithi area off of Sukhumvit Road in the capital, True executives claim that the 2.1-million-square-foot Cyber Tech District is the largest startup park in Southeast Asia.

“It will not only serve as a center for digital innovation and support the next-generation workforce that is connected and in tune with more digital lifestyles, it will be a comprehensive innovation district offering a complete system that supports startups in Southeast Asia, attracting both domestic and international businesses to Thailand,” said Pun-arj Chairattana, the NIA executive director.

He described the district as a landing pad for foreign startups and a launching pad for local startups. The partners believe it will host 20,000 to 30,000 startups in coming years, with more than 1,000 startups by 2021. Pun-arj said the NIA would directly invite about 50 foreign startups to set up shop in the district every year.

Minister of Science and Technology Suvit Maesincee called the Cyber Tech District “a game changer” in driving advanced development and a new higher-tech economy in the Kingdom.

In August, Google announced that it would open its first Google Academy in Asia in True Digital Park. Google executives said it would support True Digital Park “with a complete ecosystem of learning programs designed to embed digital innovation in digital marketing and entrepreneurs through collaborative trainings, workshops, and networking activities.”