SCG part of new global Alliance to End Plastic Waste

SCG Chemical of Thailand is one of nearly 30 member companies of the newly formed Alliance to End Plastic Waste that will devote over $1.5 billion over the next five years to fighting plastic waste and focus on Southeast Asia. The Alliance includes Dow Chemical, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Total, Shell, and others.

“Everyone agrees that plastic waste does not belong in our oceans or anywhere in the environment,” said David Taylor, CEO of Procter & Gamble, and chairman of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, in a statement.

“This is a complex and serious global challenge that calls for swift action and strong leadership. This new alliance is the most comprehensive effort to date to end plastic waste in the environment,” Taylor added.

SCG Chemical and its parent company SCG have been working on technical solutions, systemic advances, and raising public awareness about the problem of plastic pollution for several years. Their efforts accelerated in 2018, however, following global media attention on Thailand and Southeast Asia because of sea creatures dying from ingesting plastics and washing up on the region’s beaches.

The Alliance said plastic pollution is at its worst in Southeast Asia, and so that is where it will begin directing its actions. The Alliance cited research that says 80 percent of the world’s plastic waste starts on land and is carried out to oceans in rivers and waterways, including eight major rivers in Asia and two major rivers in Africa.

Its funds will be invested in capacity building, training, and education programs, technological innovations, and cleanup programs in highly polluted areas.

The alliance includes companies spanning the entire plastic value chain – from oil firms with subsidiaries in the petrochemical industry such as Total, Exxon, Shell, and Chevron to consumer good household brands such as Procter & Gamble to companies that collect and manage plastic waste.

For its part, SCG Chemical has already been developing its own solutions and partnering with others, including Dow Chemical of the United States on advances to address the problem.

The company has been adopting and promoting the circular economy and its principles, which stress conserving, reusing, and recycling resources. In collaboration with Dow, it is recycling plastic waste to manufacture a more durable type of material for building and paving roads. It is partnering with Tesco Lotus to replace plastic shopping bags with ones made from recycled corrugated cartons.

SCG has also pledged to cut its manufacture and use of single-use plastics by over 25 percent during the next few years and is aiming deeper reductions following that.

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