U.S. magazines Brides touts Krabi as ideal for honeymoons


Newlyweds in the United States seeking an ideal oasis for a romantic honeymoon would do well to choose the southern Thai province of Krabi, according to American magazine Brides, which marveled at Krabi’s stunning beaches, luxurious resorts, sumptuous food, and enchanting culture.

“Thailand, in all its exotic, Buddhist temple-studded, island-flecked glory, has a lot to offer — and it’s no secret the Southeast Asian star attracts more than its share of honeymooners,” the magazine said in its feature story entitled 7 Reasons to Honeymoon in Thailand’s Gorgeous Krabi Province, by travel writer Kathryn Romeyn.

Noting that the Kingdom’s success as a tourist destination – it receives about 40 million visitors a year – makes most of its most popular locations quite crowded, Brides said that in Krabi “it’s still possible to feel as if you’ve traveled just off the beaten path, while indulging in opulence and beauty suited for a trip of this magnitude.”

The seven reasons listed by the magazine were that Krabi is gorgeous, its resorts are a dream, the cuisine, the culture, water sports, other sports (such as yoga and Muay Thai), and – believe it or not – the epic bathtubs at some luxury resorts.

“It’s like the backdrop to an epic film, the way Krabi’s beaches face jagged limestone islands that light up with a surreal glow in the morning sun and turn to dramatic silhouettes on a pink sky as it sets behind them. It’s this view of the cerulean Andaman Sea that makes every day truly beautiful, not to mention serene and cinematic,” journalist Romeyn wrote.

The Kingdom also offers other alluring and romantic locations for honeymooners, and in this current story, the magazine provided a link to an earlier article by Romeyn entitled Everything You Need to Know About Honeymooning in Thailand.