Boosting Academic Cooperations for “Thailand 4.0” at University of Washington

On May 23, 2019, Chargé d’Affaires Boosara Kanchanalai, together with Minister Counselor of Science and Technology, Mr. Sedthapandh Krajangwongs, led a delegation from the Thai Embassy in Washington, D.C. and from the Consulate-General in Los Angeles to discuss with executives and faculties at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle on educational cooperations with Thailand.

The delegation met with Mr. Reşat Kasaba, Director of Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, Mr. Jeffrey Riedinger, Vice Provost for Global Affairs, Professor Celia Lowe, Director of Southeast Asia Center, as well as faculties and staff members whose work involve Thailand. Collaborations on various fields between the University and counterparts in Thailand have already been well established. Silpakorn University, for example, works with UW in archeology while Mahidol University and Chiang Mai University colloborate with UW on nursing programs.

Both sides exchanged views on possibilities to further expand existing cooperations. Among the agenda discussed including how to further promote Thai Studies at the Southeast Asian Center at UW, which is among the seven National Resource Centers on Southeast Asia funded by U.S. Department of Education. Both sides also discussed  possibility of recognizing credits at departmental levels in various fields including technology and innovation as Thailand is pushing for “Thailand 4.0”. Mr. Riedinger pointed out the strong network of UW alumni in Thailand which can play a key role in deepening cooperations between UW and institutes in Thailand.




That evening, Chargé d’Affaires Boosara and the delegation hosted an interactive discussion on “Outside-In: Moving Thailand Forward” with 35 UW students. The delegation pointed out the government’s clear policy direction in upgrading the country to innovation-based economy that comes with myriad job opportunities. The discussion served as a platform for the students to share their experiences, network, and voice their views on how to play a part in realizing “Thailand 4.0” for the country.