IBAA in collaboration with the USZI organize the Fourth East Coast International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony

On June 14, 2019, the International Buddhist Association of America (IBAA) and the US Zen Institution (USZI) hosted the Fourth East Coast International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony at the US Zen Institution in Germantown, Maryland. The Fourth International Chanting was scheduled for three consecutive days from June 14 to 16 2019.

This auspicious occasion is a part of IBAA annual East Coast Tipitaka Chanting program aims at preserving and spreading the legacy of Mahasangha Dhamma teachings and philosophy of Lord Buddha as well as displaying the unity of Buddhist communities to the world. The three major Buddhist traditions, namely Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana respectively chanted part of the Tipitaka in their native styles during the ceremony with the summary of the chanted scripted in English provided at the end of each session to facilitate a better understanding for the audience.

Presented at the ceremony were Ven. Thanat Inthisan, Chairman of Wat Thai DC and Chairman of IBAA, Ven. Dhammadipa Sak, Abbot of the US Zen Institution, IBAA’s board of directors and Secretary General Mr. Prasarn Manakul. Representing Royal Thai Embassy were Ms. Boosara Kanchanalai, Chargé d’affaires and Counsellor Phisek Panupat, along with monks, nuns and lay followers from all the three Yanas and representatives from Asian Buddhist Communities in Washington metropolitan areas and overseas.

CdA Boosara presented her appreciation for the IBAA for acting as a unified voice for all American Buddhists and advocating for diversity and pluralism of religions in the United States. She also stressed the importance of the role that Buddhism could play in American society with the emphasis on mental development and self-regulation with an attitude of openness and compassion taught by Buddhist philosophical reasoning and spiritual practices in the hope of harmonious, peaceful and loving society. Today, Buddhism is growing apace in the United States with an increasing number of monasteries and adherents across the country. Not only does the IBAA focuses on serving as a platform for cooperation among many of Buddhist organization but also places great importance on the promotion for better understanding of Buddhism to anyone interested through a variety of programs including Dhamma studies, Buddhist spiritual worship, Buddhist pilgrimages and social services.