Thai travelers top global list for acts of kindness

Politeness, goodwill, and consideration typify Thais who travel, according to a worldwide survey published last week by Expedia of the United States, which found that Thai travelers lead the world in acts of kindness.

“An act of kindness is still very much valued. And Thai travelers top the chart when it comes to providing various acts of kindness to fellow travelers,” said Lavinia Rajaram, the Asia-Pacific head of communications for Expedia, the global booking and review website.

The small things count for a lot, and the “Global Flight and Hotel Etiquette Study” found that 50 percent of Thai travelers had helped someone lift their luggage into an overhead compartment, more than any other nationality. Americans were the most willing to change their seat.

Thais came in second when it came to offering help to ill passengers, finishing just behind Austrians. Thais also led in sensitivity to their traveling neighbors in that they were the least likely to bring strong-smelling foods with them on a plane or journey. That’s quite a finding considering the passion Thais have for the durian fruit and its overpowering odor.

The survey also asked people about travelers and the things they do that annoy them. Respondents cited intoxicated passengers as the most annoying behavior, and also mentioned unruly passengers and those that kick the seat in front of them.

Thai passengers prefer avoiding a confrontation and are most likely to ask a flight attendant to help with the situation when passengers become rude.
The French, Swiss, and Germans were the most likely to confront seat kickers directly.

Thais also finished first in asking hotel reception to deal with noisy and rude hotel guests rather than confronting them.

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