Google planning to scale up cloud services to Thai clients

American tech company Google is planning to dramatically scale up its cloud services to Thai enterprises starting next year, by pitching directly to large and small Thai businesses with new services, the regional director of Google Cloud said at its annual Cloud Summit in Bangkok last week.

“At Google Cloud, we believe cross-border data flows have a net positive impact on countries,” said Tim Synan, Google Cloud’s regional director for Southeast Asia. While the company has no plans to build more physical infrastructure in Thailand, it will expand its services in the Thai market.

Synan said that Google’s cloud services that will let companies quickly scale up or down depending upon demand for apps. Google’s cloud platform will be compatible with outdated applications used by some local companies, and also other cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the market leader in cloud.

Google’s sales pitch to Thai companies includes the ease with which its platform can connect to other clouds, on-premise servers, and hybrid clouds hosted by HP, Intel, and other global firms offering cloud software and services.

Two prominent Thai firms sent representatives to the summit to promote the advantages using Google Cloud had brought to their businesses: Kasikornbank, one of the four biggest Thai banks, and True Corporation, a leader in digital industries.

“Thailand should be taking greater advantage of cloud networks than we currently do,” said Tawan Tithavech, managing director of Kasikorn Pro, part of Kasikorn Business Technology Group. “KBTG is one of the leaders in Thai banking, so we needed strong partners like Google to move faster in the market.”

Google’s research shows that 73 percent of Thai companies use the cloud, but they have only moved about 10 percent of their workloads to the cloud. That means there is the potential for greater efficiencies and growth.

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