U.S. health-tech firm signs biomedical deal with Thai agency

PhenoMx, a U.S.-based health technology company, signed a memorandum of understanding last week with the Thailand Center for Excellence in Life Sciences (TCELS) to help develop the Kingdom’s biomedical, life sciences, and medical devices industries.

PhenoMx is a young company based in New York City that uses advanced imaging solutions for personalized digital examinations that assess the health of major organs and tissues from a whole-body perspective. The company’s President and CEO Mark Punyanitya is a Thai-born, globally renowned biomedical engineer. He was in Bangkok to sign the agreement, and he gave a presentation on artificial intelligence and big data in medical imaging at the Bio Investment Asia 2019 conference held in the Thai capital.

The agreement includes matchmaking of companies and research institutes in the two countries for collaboration across the industry. The goal is to nurture innovation and commercialization in the biomedical, life sciences, and medical device industries.

Thailand and the U.S. have a long history of collaboration in public health and medicine. Biomedicine and advanced medical devices are among the ten advanced industries the Thai government is promoting under its 20-year national strategy, Thailand 4.0, to propel the Kingdom to a higher level of development and competitiveness.

PhenoMx said its agreement with TCELS focuses on artificial intelligence, big data, medical imaging with potential projects for aging-cohort studies, biobanking, and national dementia screening.

TCELS a public organization established by royal decree in 2011 and now operated under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation. It participates in value-chain development of the life sciences industry and supports entrepreneurs and research.

Photo courtesy of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Okldv6sb5Zk