Travel website ranks Bangkok street food among world’s best

Global travel website ranked Bangkok as the city with the second-best street food in the world in its first annual Street Food City Index, which rated 30 cities, including several in the United States.

The website said that Bangkok’s street food is the most affordable of any of the entrants, and has the second-highest number of street food experiences available. The Thai capital also ranked high in the number of street food vendors.

The first-place finisher, however, was Hong Kong, which edged out Bangkok. Mylatedeals judged each city on the criteria of the number of street food vendors, affordability, the number of street food tours, experiences and sanitation.

Following Bangkok in third place was Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam. Rounding out the top 10 were Singapore, Mumbai, Rome, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Mexico City, and Portland.

The fare found along the sois (small lanes) and avenues of the Thai capital has gained a worldwide reputation for taste and affordability. “Bangkok is legendary for its fun and its food. Especially its street food,” National Public Radio in the U.S. reported earlier this year.

So much so, that the globally renowned Michelin Guide recently began examining and reviewing what it considers the best Bangkok street food establishments. One stall, known as Jay Fai, was awarded a Michelin star. Located in the old quarter of the city, Jay Fai’s specialty is crab omelets.

“All true food enthusiasts know that it’s not always about set menus and wine pairings. Occasionally, we just want to head out without a fuss, throw on a pair of jeans for old town’s beef broths, overorder on bowls of guay jub noodles, or take visiting friends for Jay Fai’s decadent crab omelet.

“It’s often the hearty, casual meals that bring out the true taste of Thai. We’ll see you at the nearest noodle stand!” Michelin wrote on its website.

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