Thai Company Heritage Group promotes healthy U.S. nuts

Heritage Group, Thailand’s leading premium natural food manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of healthy snacks, food and beverages, hosted a promotion event under the theme “Heritage Afternoon Tea Party in the USA” to promote U.S.-sourced nuts under Heritage standard as premium ingredients for health-conscious consumers last week in Thailand.

Since its establishment in the 1980s, the company has continued to focus on being a wholesaler of cashew nuts and has been the exclusive manufacturer and licensee in Southeast Asia of the well-know Blue Diamond nuts brand.  The company has facilities in the U.S. and sales offices in numerous other countries.

“Our mission is to produce food, beverages and snacks that are healthier and in doing so hopefully we can help the industry as a whole move towards that goal,” said Vittavat Phonpaisan, Vice President of Heritage Group.

He stresses the importance of helping consumers understand that the company’s goal is not to sell pricy products but quality natural ingredients are more expensive, while other market products use chemicals to cut costs.  “Quality has always been one of the main ingredients that our customers recognize with the Heritage name,” Vittavat emphasizes, “and more consumers are focused on what they are eating, where ingredients are sourced from, and their own nutritional needs and values.”

Over the past couple of years, a healthy lifestyle is gaining popularity both in Thailand and around the world as consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of health and wellness.

Increasingly, health-awareness phrases like “all-natural ingredients,” “enriched in fibre” and “high in protein” along with the information on how a product is made and under what conditions, as well as whether it is organic or plant-based would affect consumers’ choices more than ever before.

Consumers now seek greener options that address both health and sustainability concerns and ultimately, they want food that is better for them and for the planet as well.

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