Thailand’s Amata to build smart city in Myanmar

Amata Corporation, one of Thailand’s leading industrial estate developers, signed an agreement last week to build a “smart city” just north of Myanmar’s capital Yangon at the cost of $1 billion as Thailand brings its budding technology prowess to its neighbors.

Although classified as an industrial zone project, the Smart and Eco City’s first phase will include building residential, office, and industrial properties on its 2,000 acres. Amata Corporation holds an 80 percent stake in the project, with the remaining 20 percent owned by Myanmar’s Ministry of Construction.

“We will make sure that Yangon becomes one of the best future cities in Myanmar,” said Vikrom Kromadit, the founder of Amata.

Yasuo Tsutsui, the managing director of Yangon Amata Smart and Eco City, said, “The agreement means strengthening economic stability, reducing poverty, human resources, and social development. YASEC will create more than 33,000 job opportunities.”

Amata plans to incorporate green principles and proper urban design to ensure sustainability. Singaporean architect firm Surbana is working on the project’s master plan.

Amata is one of the most advanced industrial estate developers in the region with parks and complexes in Thailand and Viet Nam. After decades of isolation and lack of investment, Myanmar is just beginning its industrial development.

Thailand has dozens of industrial estates that have powered its economy and development and could serve as a model for its neighbors. Amata has two industrial estates in the Eastern Economic Corridor, Thailand’s new advanced development zone that is a center for high-tech industries, sustainable and green development.

The Kingdom is also committed to developing 100 smart cities in Thailand during the next few years.

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