U.S. Cisco considers building innovation center in Thailand

U.S.-based Cisco Systems, a global networking and technology firm, said it is weighing investing in an innovation center in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), Thailand’s advanced development zone, along with setting up a 5G testbed in the Kingdom.

Vatsun Thirapatarapong, Managing Director for Thailand and Indochina, told local media that Cisco is weighing whether an innovation center would draw enough visitors and participants from within the Corridor. The center would have demonstrations of new and advanced technologies for those interested.

The EEC is a three-province zone just east of Bangkok that is serving as a showcase and home for companies engaged in next-generation technologies. The government is focusing on building advanced infrastructure to support the industries locating there, as well as developing smart cities and green living.

Minister for Digital Economy and Society Buddhipongse Punnakanta, visited Cisco headquarters in the U.S. last month and said the company had expressed interest in setting up an innovation center. Cisco is keenly interested in promoting and participating in telehealth, cybersecurity, 5G technologies, and the country’s smart city program.

Vatsun said Cisco is especially interested in establishing a 5G testbed for the healthcare and manufacturing fields to enable them to capitalize on the Thailand 4.0 initiative despite a challenging economic environment. He cited the coronavirus outbreak emanating from China as a factor slowing growth.

The executive noted that Thailand is in the early stages of adopting 5G, but he expects it will scale up soon. Cisco is exploring a 5G-enabled router for use in moving vehicles, such as ambulances, mining, and manufacturing in smart factories and universities, he said.

Photo courtesy of https://businesstoday.co/technology/19/01/2020/des-depa-us/