Thai police produce popular stay-at-home rap video

Thai police officers in the northeastern province of Loei found a hip and creative way to get the government’s stay-at-home message across to citizens, producing a rap video called “Take a Break” that has been liked by thousands of viewers.

In many countries, young people have been disregarding stay-at-home advice and orders having heard that the COVID-19 virus mainly affects the elderly or those with underlying conditions. Although it has now become clear that the virus has also taken the lives of younger, healthy people, feeling invincible to danger has always been a common trait among younger generations. Young Thais are no exception.

To reach the young with valuable health advice about the pandemic, the Loei police took the smart tactic: they are using youth culture to try and convince Thai youth to heed the warnings and guidance.

“Going viral during the Songkran holidays, Pak Gon (Take a Break) has been racking up views this week since it was dropped Tuesday by the Loei Police Department. It features a cop-turned-MC swaggering his way down a road dispensing health advice and sharp verse in a COVID-themed rendition of a diss track by Thai artist Milli,” wrote Coconuts, a culture website covering Thailand.

Loei is a rural province known for its mountains and vineyards. The video features the police MC and officers in uniform at a checkpoint on a country road where a health care worker takes the temperature of motorists and others.

“Rest, rest, rest. Stop browsing at the market. Rest, rest, rest. Barbecuing with friends has to stop,” raps a police officer in black vest and sunglasses.

As he struts down the road, he scolds food vendors and students. He urges them to stay at home and connect with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Netflix instead.

Bangkok has long been famous for its traffic jams. Now, the Loei police may soon be famous for their Def Jams.

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