WHO to feature Thailand in Covid-19 success documentary

The World Health Organization (WHO) has chosen Thailand and New Zealand as the first two countries it will feature in an upcoming documentary series on successful responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A WHO official confirmed the news, which was first reported by the Medical Science Director at Thailand’s National Institute of Health (NIH). The WHO team filming the documentary is already in Thailand and interviewing medical professionals and others who have been vital in containing the coronavirus outbreak in the Kingdom.

Thailand has not detected any locally transmitted cases of Covid-19 for over 50 days. Thais returning from overseas have all been quarantined upon arrival to prevent them from spreading the virus.

Despite Thailand having recorded the first case of Covid-19 outside of China, the government’s decisive action, strong guidance from public health officials, and good cooperation from the Thai people prevented a nationwide epidemic. At the time of publication, the Kingdom has detected 3,261 infections and 58 deaths since the first case was found early January 2020.

Thailand has 207 laboratories across its 77 provinces conducting tests for Covid-19. In Asia, in general, people are more willing to wear facemasks, and many Thais had already been wearing them at the beginning of the pandemic because of a seasonal haze problem.

Some medical professionals are cautioning the government and the public, while certain groups of foreigners are allowed to enter the Kingdom – including families of Thai nationals, those who have residence in Thailand, specialists, visitors with medical purposes, and business representatives – with a strict 14-day quarantine period upon arrival. For more detail, please visit https://www.caat.or.th/en/archives/51895.

Photo courtesy of www.caat.or.th/en/archives/51895