Thailand ranked first in Covid-19 recovery

The Kingdom of Thailand has finished first in a global ranking of countries that have achieved the most effective recoveries from the coronavirus pandemic that was released on Aug 29.

The Kingdom topped the Global Covid-19 Index for severity and recovery compiled and published by PEMANDU Associates in collaboration with Malaysia’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. PEMANDU Associates is a Malaysia-based private consultancy specializing in socio-economic and business turnaround.

Australia and New Zealand previously finished in the top two spots, but have fallen in the rankings as the virus has rebounded there. South Korea, Latvia, Malaysia and Taiwan followed Thailand in the rankings.

The consultant wrote on its website that “the Global Covid-19 Index (GCI) is designed to pull and analyze data from verified sources for 184 countries all into a single source. This makes it a truly comprehensive index on the pandemic at hand.”

The Index uses a slew of data including active cases per population, recoveries per confirmed cases, tests conducted per population, early detection and reporting, rapid response to mitigate the spread of an epidemic, preparedness and health infrastructure to treat the sick and protect health workers.

Despite recording the first Covid-19 case outside of China in January, Thailand’s quick action has stopped the spread of the virus in its tracks – for now. Scientists still warned that a second wave is possible and even probable.

By the end of July, Thailand has confirmed 3,310 coronavirus cases, with 3,125 recoveries. There have been no new locally transmitted infections in over 60 days. All new cases have been of returnees from overseas who have been quarantined until they are free of the virus.

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