Thailand planning a 21st-century education ecosystem

Thailand’s Minister of Education is vowing to create an ecosystem that will bring education into the 21st century and make students ready and adaptable to the rapid changes taking place in industry and society.

“The 21st century has presented itself as an era where growth in knowledge is rapidly changing at an exponential rate. Consequently, the global supply of skilled labor becomes more competitive to meet new expectations,” said Nataphol Teepsuwan, the Minister of Education.

“The need for individuals to become adaptive in a fast-paced environment becomes critical. The problem is straightforward: Thai education has yet to move,” he conceded.

Thailand achieved near-universal literacy decades ago. Since then, reforms in education have moved at a more gradual pace and significant progress on modernizing the education system, geared for the current and future environment, has been increasingly emphasized in the Kingdom’s strategy for more advanced development.

“Thai education must shift in a way where students depart from their ‘fixed mindset’ of the past and begin to incorporate a ‘growth mindset’ in their daily lives. This is what the Education Eco-System strives to achieve. This is the modern Ministry of Education that I plan to establish,” the Minister said.

Nataphol said that the Ministry would focus on a new evaluation process for new teachers and students. Students would rely less on tests, while teachers would depend more on self-growth to advance in teaching. Education officials will develop a new curriculum and guidelines to produce quality teachers and administrative bodies that require greater management skills.

To achieve these goals, the Ministry of Education will establish a Human Capital Excellence Center (HCEC); Digital Education Excellence Platform (DEEP); and Excellence Individual Development Plan (EIDP).

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