U-Tapao will be Thailand’s first 5G smart airport

Thai authorities will team up with the private sector to create the Kingdom’s first ‘smart airport’ at U-Tapao International Airport by weaving 5G, WiFi 6 and other advanced technologies into its new infrastructure.

U-Tapao is situated in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), home base for Thailand’s digital industries and a showcase zone for the Kingdom’s advanced and innovative industries, gearing towards the next level of development. The joint civil-military public airport, U-Tapao, has long been redeveloped into one of the three major commercial airports in the Greater Bangkok area.

It will eventually link up by high-speed, light rail with Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airports in the capital. U-Tapao will soon be able to handle over three million passengers a year and ultimately will have a capacity of 15 million passengers a year following the completion of its expansion phases.

Those passengers should have a smoother travel experience thanks to technologies such as 5G and WiFi 6. Aside from keeping passengers connected at higher data speeds and with more stability, those systems and others will also assist airport management by helping to make its operations more digital, efficient, safe, analytical and faster.

5G is a bedrock component of ecosystems that support robotics, artificial intelligence and other technologies used in ‘smart’ cities to make them more liveable, green, efficient, and able to achieve a higher level of service delivery.

Advanced Info Service (AIS), Thailand’s leading mobile phone operator in terms of subscriber numbers, will be working with airport management to design, install and implement the new technologies and systems.

Photo courtesy of  https://www.utapao.com/th/home