Education Ministry launches digital education platform

The Ministry of Education launched its Digital Education Excellence Platform, or DEEP, last week as a means to reduce disparities in information by making education more versatile, flexible, and tailored to the needs of individual students.

The ministry has been working with global firms to develop and upload new learning content to the platform. The firms working with the ministry include Google, Microsoft, Cambridge Assessment English, Pearson, British Council, IC3, ICDL and Arkki.

“Students will now have access to a diverse set of curriculums or modules that are provided on DEEP, which opens endless opportunities for them to acquire additional knowledge in their unique areas of interest,” said Minister of Education Nataphol Teepsuwan.

During the pandemic, the Kingdom’s education system needs a reliable platform for online learning and DEEP has turned into the largest online classroom in the country. It will allow students and those interested to access knowledge in any area at any time, meeting the country’s lifelong learning demands.

At the same time, a more efficient educational system would help Thailand to achieve a higher level of development, especially if the disparity between schools across the country is reduced.

The DEEP platform represents a concrete attempt to achieve significant change.

“The platform addresses issues concerning asymmetrical information which have been raised by students, teachers and the administrative body,” Nataphol said.

The platform will harness data from students and teachers to tailor learning approaches while preparing students for careers in digital industries.

“In the initial stage, additional resources from public and private efforts on DEEP will solely aim at building the English and digital literacy of Thai students, teachers and school administrators,” the Minister said.

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