Dunkin’ Donuts expanding in Thailand

Iconic American brand Dunkin’ Donuts is capturing Thailand’s sweet tooth and will open between 40 and 60 new branches in the Kingdom next year, after opening 30 this year, as the dessert craze continues among Thai consumers.

Although Dunkin’ Donuts has been a presence in Thailand for over 40 years, the brand still has room to expand and the potential for further growth, according to Pakin Phenpakkul, Managing Director of Golden Donuts Thailand, the operator of Dunkin’ Donuts in the Kingdom.

Dunkin’ Donuts already has 293 outlets in 60 of the Kingdom’s 76 provinces. The company is adding 30 more this year despite the Covid-19 pandemic that has adversely affected a number of retailers and restaurants.

“The Covid-19 outbreak forced our team to invent new strategies to move on with business amid the difficult time,” Pakin said.

Among those strategies have been opening kiosks and investing in Dunkin’ Donuts trucks. The company hit the road with its first Dunkin’ food truck at the end of 2019. Meant as a prototype to reach customers in areas without a Dunkin Donuts shop and in place with congested traffic, the four trucks it has now enjoyed strong business when restriction measures on movement were in place to curb the pandemic.

Kiosks are also proving to be profitable. “Dunkin’ kiosks got a good response from customers,” Pakin said. “Sales via kiosks are over one time higher than regular stores located in retail complexes.”

Dunkin’ was among the first American fast-food brands to take a chance in the Thai market. Forty years ago, it was not easy to start selling bread, cheese or dairy products in Thailand. But now, donuts, pastries, pizza and other Western foods are very popular in the Kingdom.

Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/Dunkinthai/photos/a.590109014380221/2740736822650752/?type=3&theater